Who Are We?

Miss Ng Yuen Wa

Ms Ng Yuen-wa obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. She was the First Prize winner of the Olympic Arts and Sport Contest 2000 and awarded, the Silver Prize of the 28th Worldwide Heritage Committee Arts Exhibition and a Fellowship for Artistic Development by The Hong Kong Arts Development Council, as well as the Prize of the Ninth Chinese Fine Arts Exhibition.

She has held four solo exhibitions in Hong Kong. Apart from creating art, she has published original lithograph books and individual art books. She also designed a huge mural for Mei Foo MTR Station from 2001 to 2003. Her works have been collected by the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Arts Development Council, Hong Kong Economic and Trade offices in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Brussels and Geneva, United Airline, Fringe Club in Hong Kong, Hong Kong MTR Corporation, the Art Museum of the White Horse Temple, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, Shenzhou Museum in China and art collectors in China and overseas.

She converted to Buddhism under Venerable Cheong Wai in 2005 and studied the Certificate Course in Buddhist Textual Studies at the Centre of Buddhist Studies of the University of Hong Kong from 2005 to 2009. After graduation, she studied meditation at The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute and practices it every day. She also gave lectures at The Hong Kong Mantra School For Lay Buddhists on the topic “Buddhist sutras: Pure Land” from 2013 to 2019. She has also organized a series of seminars with the same topic later at The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute. In 2017, she organized "Wondrous Realm: The Pure Land Art Exhibition 2017" with her paintings and animations. It is a perfect combination of religion and art, not only emitting unprecedented artistic charisma, but also popularizing the wonderful state of the Land of Bliss among people.

Upon the invitation by the International Festival of Tourism and the University of Angers of France, Ms Ng held a painting exhibition and organize Buddist talk and meditation, namely Station de l'esprit - Arts Voyages du Pure Land Assembly en France 2019 in the 3rd Angers International Culture Art Tourism Festival. The exhibition and activity venues are the 500-year historical ex-residential place of Catholic monks in the 15th century namely Hotel des Penitentes & the city centre art gallery namely Les Salons Donadieu in Angers of France. She organised "Pureland as A Haven for Our Mind culture and art series - Serendipity with Pure Land" at the Hong Kong City Hall Theatre in 2019, integrating Buddhist Dharma with Music and Fine art together to interpret the Pure Land.

Mr.LAI Kwok-kuen

Mr. Lai Kwok-Kuen is a retiree. He obtained his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Brighton and has studied in the Chi Lin Evening College for many years.

Mr. Lai converted to Master Cheung Wei in 1993 and has been a depot volunteer at Chi Lin Nunnery since 1994. In 2013, with encouragement from Professor CHAN Ngan-che, he preached the “Sukhavativyuha Sutra” 無量壽經 for The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute (佛教法相學會) and has been a member of its Reading Club under the “Pure-land” of the “Buddhist Sutras” Team (佛經選要) 「淨土組」) since 2014.

Miss Wong Siu Fung

Miss Wong holds a Master degree in Counselling-Psychology, a Bachelor degree in Psychology, and a Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management. She is a member of the APA of America, ITARD Institute of Italy, HKPS and HKSCP of Hong Kong. She is also a recognized painting psychoanalyst in China. Miss Wong had been a counselling teacher for KYC, and is now a contract instructor for secondary schools.

committee.wongsuifung.desc2=She has converted to numbers of Buddhist Masters in 2005. After that, she studied the Certificate Course in Buddhist Textual Studies at HKU and the Theravāda Abhidhamma at The Buddha-Dharma Centre of HK.

Miss Wong is one of the founders of The Pure Land Assembly, and in 2018 she established The Foundation Buddhist Studies Course and has been one of the tutors.

She had conducted seminars at the Hong Kong Mantra School for Lay Buddhists and the Polytechnic University, focusing on the Chapter of “The Characteristics of The Ultimate Truth” of the “Saṃdhinirmocana Sūtra”, and the “Three Categories of Consciousnesses capable of unfolding or manifesting themselves” of the “Consciousness-Only Doctrine”. Miss Wong had presented a Dharma talk at the 1st Maitreya Youth Cultural Festival, and had joined tutoring for the Fat Jong Temple Library. She is at present a tutor of the Weekly Buddhist Class of the Sam-Lun Buddhist Association, and is conducting a Buddhist lecture at the City Hall for The Maitreya Buddhist Institute.

Miss Wong has been one of the Columnists of the Mingkok Special blog by Buddhistdoor since 2016, and is a co-author of the book “Notes on Verses of Yogācāra Bodhisattva Precepts” published by The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute in 2019.

Mr. Lum Kwok Choi

Mr. Lum Kwok Choi began learning Buddhism from a young age. In the 1980s, he studied at the Hong Kong Buddhist College Graduate School, under professors Lo Shi-Hin, Leung Shui Ming, Wong Shui Shang and Lau Chor-wah. Upon graduation, Lum continued taking Buddhist courses at Hong Kong Buddhist Youth Association, The Bright Pearl Institute, Hong Kong Luyi Nunnery and Chilin Nunnery. In 2008, Lum took refuge and five precepts under Venerable Changhuai. He devotes full-time service to Buddhistdoor since 2014.

Prior to this, Lum served in various news organizations as correspondent, assignment editor and managing editor in Hong Kong and Asia. He later joined charities and public sector in charge of resource development, communication and compliance. Lum had also taught courses in news and communications in CUHK and HK PolyU on a part-time basis.

Academic qualifications: BA, LLM (HKU)

Mr Chan Ki Bun


Miss Cheung Wai Zhi


2003年畢業於香港專業進修學校及八方藝術學校並獲藝術設計文憑,2005年入選意大利《第三屆國際藏書票展》。曾參與多個本地藝術作品展覽,與大型商場合作美術活動。接受過的創作訪問有: 廣州南方電視台、無線電視兒童台、文匯報、MEN’S UNO、A.M.POST。亦曾到訪世界各地作藝術交流,其藝術作品亦被私人收藏。



Consultant Lecturers

Ms. Chan Ngan Che

Academic Qualifications:

  • Doctoral Degree of Philosophy (Buddhism)
    The University of Hong Kong.

  • Doctoral Degree of Arts (Philosophy)
    New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies.

  • MA Degree (Philosophy)
    New Asia Institute of Advanced Chinese Studies.

  • MPhil. Degree (Philosophy & Religion)
    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

  • Diploma in Marketing & Internationa Business
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

  • Diploma in Management Studies
    The Hong Kong Polytechnic.


  • “A Study of Dignaga’s Alambana-pariksa”
    HK: Chi Lin Nunnery, 1999.

  • “The Reconstruction of Dunhuang Painted Figures of Tang Dynasty”
    HK: Chi Lin Nunnery, 2012.

  • Over twenty Buddhism essays are published in various journals.

  • Script-writer of Kunqu drama, “Grievance from a Former Birth”, “Reconciliation”, “Free from all Passions”, with performance tour in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  • Fields of Specialty: Doctrine of Mere-consciousness, Prajnaparamita and Buddhist Logic. Also teach theories of the Huayan School, Zen, Buddhist ethics and Meditative practice.

Position and Membership in Professional Organizations:

  • Chairman, The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute Ltd.
  • Director, Dharmalakshana Buddhist Dharma Spreading Resource Ltd.
  • Research Fellow, Chi Lin Nunnery, Cultural Dept
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Hong Kong
  • Nominated Specialist, Validation Panel for Associate Degree in Buddhism, Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation
  • Visiting Lecturer of Master Course, The International Buddhist College
  • Lecturer of Buddhist courses in various Buddhist Institutes.



現任志蓮淨苑文化部研究員(主任) 、香港大學佛學研究中心兼任講師、泰國國際佛教大學碩士班客席導師。





  • 〈月稱《入中論》辯破唯識無境之研究〉
  • 〈從《大乘起信論》随染本覺二相探析佛教叢林之顯密圓融精神〉
  • 〈北朝彌勒淨土信仰之探究〉
  • 〈佛教叢林楞嚴法會之探析〉
  • 〈南蓮園池圓滿閣的佛教精神〉
  • 〈南蓮園池圓滿閣的佛教精神〉
  • 〈從南蓮園池榕林談天台宗融攝中印佛教〉
  • 〈南蓮園池明心燈與大善地法〉
  • 〈盆景藝術與華嚴、分形及全息理論初探〉
  • 〈從香港唐宋文化氛圍看志蓮淨苑的創建〉
  • 《佛學小常識(明覺叢書)》
  • 〈高僧化雨(天台、淨土), 《明覺特刊》連載〉
Prof. CHEN Chien-Huang

Prof. CHEN Chien-Huang

Academic Qualifications:

  • Ph.D and M.Phil
    Department of Chinese
    The University of Hong Kong
    Hong Kong, PRC.

  • B. A.
    Department of Chinese Literature
    National Taiwan University, ROC.


  • Visiting Professor
    Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 國立屏東大學中文系教授
  • 澳洲南天大學校務顧問
  • 佛光大學佛學研究中心研究員
  • 佛光山人間佛教研究院研究員
  • 《人間佛教研究》主編
  • 《新加坡佛學研究學刊》顧問委員
  • 《文與哲》編輯委員
  • 佛光大學佛學研究中心研究員


  • Unsurpassed Upaya and Proceeding Joy: Circumjacent Relationship between Amitābha Pure Land and Humanistic Pure Land.
    Taipei: Gandha Samudra Culture Company
    Mar. 2015. 360p
  • An Overview of Miaoyun Aranya’s 50 years: A Record on Preaching the Buddhist Teachings of Huili and Changguang Miaoyun. An interview with Kan Zhengzong and Chen Chienhuang.
    Taipei: Changchunteng Shufang
    Jan. 2015. 257p.
  • 100 Selected Sentences from Buddhist Classics: Three Pure Land Sutras.
    Beijing: People's Oriental Publishing Company
    July 2014(Simplified Chinese edition). 332p.
  • 100 Selected Sentences from Buddhist Classics: Three Pure Land Sutras.
    Taipei: Business Weekly Publications/ Cite Publishing Ltd., Aug. 2010(1st edition)
    June 2014(1st edition, 2nd printed). 253p.
  • Wandering through the Pure Land Dharma Door: The Orbit of Amitābha Pure Land Sect Developed by Tanluan, Daochuo and Shandao.
    Taipei: Business Weekly Publications/ Cite Publishing Ltd.
    Sep. 2009. 262p.
  • Questions and Answers on the Pure Land: an Introduction.
    Taipei: The Grand East Book Company
    Mar. 2004. 197p.
  • Prove the Truth in the Universally Penetrating Way: Pure Land Enlightenment by Yinguang.
    Taipei: The Grand East Book Company
    May 2002. 326p.


  • 1962年
  • 1969年
  • 1977年
  • 2003年
    • 2005年獲委任為幼兒學校校董,協助校務管理工作
    • 2013年獲選為副會長
    • 2015年獲推選並擔任會長及獲委任為幼兒學校校監。

Howard LING

Mr LING is awarded the Medal of Honour by the Government of the HKSAR for his dedicated public and community service, particularly his contributions to the development of social enterprises.

Howard Ling is the Chief Consultant of Social Enterprise Business Centre. Howard began his social entrepreneurial journey in 2004. He founded Harvester, Happy Veggies, Bijas, Ateen, Goodnuts, and Happy Ours. These social businesses are designed differently due to their different abilities, not disabilities. Howard also runs commercial businesses such as Cekay IT solutions, and Annalee Dolls Inc. Prior to starting his business; he worked for Nestle, LVMH, and Tag Heuer Switzerland, gaining local and overseas business experiences. Howard also helps in the work of Government, NGOs and Education

  • Home Affairs Bureau (HKSAR) – Social Enterprise Advisory Committee Member (2009 to 2015)
  • Administrative Appeal Board – Panel Member (2015 to Present)
  • Ping Wo Fund Advisory Committee Member (2014 to Present)
  • Social Welfare Bureau (Macau SAR) – Consultant of Social Enterprise Scheme
  • Heep Hong Society – Executive Committee Member
  • The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention – Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Hong Kong Movie Stars Sports Association Charities – Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Direction Association for the Handicapped – Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Mbaby Doula Social Enterprise – Director and Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Silence – Social Enterprise Consultant
  • Hong Kong Blind Union – Social Enterprise Consultant
  • The Yeh Family Philanthropy - Grant Committee member
  • Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (Shatin) - External Examiner

Howard Ling holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Illinois, a Master degree in Business Administration from the The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and graduated from INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship programme.

Cai Zhisong

Cai Zhisong

Internationally renowned sculptor, one of the most iconic and famous Chinese sculptor of our time.

In 1997 he graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture, then he taught at this department. Cai Zhisong is now a professional artist who lives and works in Beijing.

Amongst the numerous awards which he has been awarded, these several are the most important: Gangsong Family Fund Award, the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon, the Bronze Prize at the 10th National Art Exhibition, the President’s prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Rockefeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist Prize, the “Extraordinary Journey” 2014 Annual Influence Special Artist Award. 2011 he was invited to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale. 2012 he was rated “Art Authority Figures”. In the same year, he was selected as global “100 Art Leaders” on the cover of “Art Actuel” in France. 2013 he was honored as “Mr. Uno 2013” in “Men’s Uno”, and was also selected as “2013 Global Chinese Fashion Leader”.

Cai has created the highest auction record for a Chinese sculptor in the international art market for three times, and his art works have been collected by many well-known museums, art galleries and art institutions, including: Rockefeller Foundation for the Arts, Tyler Foundation, Newark Museum of Art in the United Sates, Museum of Regensburg in Germany, Museum of Fine Arts of Greece, The National Museum of Indonesia, The National Gallery of Singapore, Deutsche Bank, Belgium Embassy in China, The National Museum of China, The National Art Museum of China, the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts (formerly CAFA Gallery), etc.

Who Are We?

The Pure Land Assembly is formed by dedicated members of the "Pure Land Group - Selections of Buddhist Sutras" ran by The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute in Hong Kong. At the invitation of our tutor, Dr Chan Ngan-che, guidance from our team leader, artist Ms Ng Yuen-wa, and representative from the education sector, Mr Wong Kwong-cheong, we have formed the “Pure Land Assembly” together with a number of tutors in our Buddhist class.

We aim to employ art and education as the medium to design a steady, sustainable and diversified development plan on Pure Land Teaching. We will incorporate contemporary art elements and qualified teachers, supplemented by cultural and academic exchanges, lectures, exhibitions and workshops. We hope to integrate the mobility of the art field as well as the education sector, in addition to our aspiration to promote Pure Land, to manifest the boundless possibilities in purification for all.

“Pure Land Assembly” aims to employ art as a medium and in accord with the right view of Buddhist Pure Land, through Discipline, Meditation and Wisdom, leads the public in developing right view and correct understanding, to generate merits and wisdom, thereby benefitting all.