Membership Application

Membership Benefits

  1. Up-to-date information on Assembly activities.。
  2. Priority for members for all Assembly activities.
  3. A 10% discount on all Assembly classes, publications and gift items.


Through forms of art, we aim to realise and to promote Buddhism, to purify states of mind, and to eliminate causes of affliction. Through mutually applying the nature of art and education as the medium, we aim to design sustainable, contemporary art and culture rich, diversified Pure Land promotion programmes with quality education resources and development potentials. Through local and international art and culture interactions and seminars, we aim to realise the positive elements of the Pure Land to mind and body, to regularly organise quality talks and art exhibitions, and to print art and Pure Land publications. Through integrating the motivation of people from the fields of Buddhism, art and education, and with the power of a great vote with the intention to promote Buddhism and to benefit the living beings, we aim to attain the objective realms of purifying the mind and perfecting merit and wisdom.


Membership is for all people with correct faith on Buddhism who also respect and appreciate art and culture. New members have to be recommended by two committee members and approved by half of the committee. Number of membership is unlimited, with categories including Diamond Permanent Member, Ruby Member, Sponsor Member and Regular Member. Once membership is accepted, each member is entitled to one vote in the General Meeting. Each member is obligated to always attend the events hosted by the Pure Land Assembly, and to always respond to the event consultation issued by this Assembly, with the intention to promote Buddhism and art programmes, so as to ensure that these programmes are hosted smoothly. If one wishes to withdraw from membership, a minimum 1-month written notice to our Committee is necessary. The income and assets of this Assembly are used to facilitate the objectives of this Assembly only and they are prohibited to be distributed to any member.

General Meeting:

General Meeting is held once a year via email or other mediums of communication with the intention to discuss the development of this Assembly. Over half of the committee and at least 1/3 of the members of any category have to attend or respond in order to make the result of the General Meeting valid. Each committee member or member of any category is entitled to one vote in our General Meeting, which is hosted by the President of the Pure Land Assembly and recorded by a person appointed by the President. The President has to hold meetings at any time when there are new programmes or events, with the intention to ensure the implementation thereof.