Promoting Pure Land Concepts through Art and Education

1.Buddhadharma through Art. The Pure Land Assembly is a spiritual Centre for the public. We aim to employ various art forms to create a warm, direct and lively platform to guide the public towards the teachings of the Buddha with right view and correct understanding.

2.Focusing on practice, the Centre offers the three vehicles of learning in Discipline (sila), Meditation (samadhi) and Wisdom (prajna). Through these practices, we intend to help practitioners understand the truth based on the teachings of the Buddha and in accord with their own capabilities, to support them in attaining a calm and blissful state while easing worries and anxieties.

3.To benefit sentient beings with Pure Land practices. To promote the pure and adorned world of the Pure Land as an ideal accomplished state for practitioners to aspire to. To serve society in line with the spirit of buddhas and bodhisattvas, whose great compassion and wisdom inspire us to be committed to bringing benefits to oneself and others.

Who Are We?

The Pure Land Assembly is formed by dedicated members of the "Pure Land Group - Selections of Buddhist Sutras" ran by The Dharmalakshana Buddhist Institute in Hong Kong. At the invitation of our tutor, Dr Chan Ngan-che, guidance from our team leader, artist Ms Ng Yuen-wa, and representative from the education sector, Mr Wong Kwong-cheong, we have formed the “Pure Land Assembly” together with a number of tutors in our Buddhist class.

We aim to employ art and education as the medium to design a steady, sustainable and diversified development plan on Pure Land Teaching. We will incorporate contemporary art elements and qualified teachers, supplemented by cultural and academic exchanges, lectures, exhibitions and workshops. We hope to integrate the mobility of the art field as well as the education sector, in addition to our aspiration to promote Pure Land, to manifest the boundless possibilities in purification for all.

“Pure Land Assembly” aims to employ art as a medium and in accord with the right view of Buddhist Pure Land, through Discipline, Meditation and Wisdom, leads the public in developing right view and correct understanding, to generate merits and wisdom, thereby benefitting all.

The Pure Land Assembly, in order to benefit all sentient beings, will employ arts as a medium to guide the public on Buddha's teachings on Pure Land. Through the practices of listening, contemplation and meditation, it is hoped that right views and correct understanding are achieved, thereby attaining virtue and wisdom.


"Pure Land Assembly" is now located at the NG's Art School in Yuen Long. Founded by artist Ms Ng Yuen-wa, the Art School is situated at the public transport interchange and is well-known in the district for arts teaching. In the 26 years of her teaching, Ms Ng's students come from different social stratum including some celebrities. They have won numerous awards in international art competitions.

Located at a public transport interchange in Yuen Long, it provides quick access to Tuen Mun, Sheung Shui and Shenzhen, and connects Kowloon Central, Western Kowloon and Tsuen Wan.

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